About the Hudson Valley Knights

The Hudson Valley Knights Basketball Program was created in 1984 to provide talented young ladies and young men (est. 1989) in the Hudson Valley with the opportunity to improve their individual and team basketball skills. Our goal is to help a committed player reach their true potential so that she may be successful at the next level. HV Knights players will accomplish this by participating in highly competitive practices as well as tournaments against some of the best teams on the East Coast. Through hard work, dedication and a committed work ethic to the Hudson Valley Knights Program, the players will improve to the point that they witness success and fulfillment in their basketball endeavors.

The Hudson Valley Knights Basketball Club is a registered non-profit organization, member of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). Our existence is maintained by the efforts of volunteers who display an exceptional amount of dedication and commitments, ensuring that our organization provides a positive atmosphere where building individual and team skills, sportsmanship and positive reinforcement are the priority.  We work very hard to provide an organization that allows young men and women to play competitively, learn leadership skills and create lifelong friendships.